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Author Topic: Uploading pictures to the BSAOG Forum  (Read 2477 times)

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Uploading pictures to the BSAOG Forum
« on: October 20, 2012, 08:57:28 PM »

This a short guide to uploading pictures and images to the forum.

The guide is aimed at windows users and the image hosting site used for this guide is "Photobucket"

If you are a Linux user, you'll probably have the technical knowledge and do not need this guide. If you are a MAC user I have no sympathy for you  /bashful/33

Please feel free to use another image hosting site I use Photobucket as it's free and fairly easy to use.


Sign up for a photobucket account. (It's free to use)


Before you start getting carried away, get your images and pictures in one place so they are easy to find on the PC/ Laptop that you use to do the upload, It maybe helpful to create an additional folder in your documents/ Pictures folder that you can use for uploads to the forum....


Once you have the account created and you know which pictures/ images you want to upload, log into "Photobucket" and click on the green "Upload" button.


The click the green "select photos and videos button"


This will then activate a windows pop up.

You will need to browse to the location you previously saved your images, by default the windows "My Pictures" folder is displayed

Select the image/s you wish to upload. You can select more that one by holding the "Ctrl" button and left clicking the images you want to upload.

Once you have selected the image/s clicked to "Open" button on the windows pop up.

Photobucket will then start the upload process


Once the images have been successfully uploaded click the blue "save and continue to album" button.


To select the image you want to upload from photobucket, move the mouse cursor over the required image, this will make a "pop out" box appear.

You will need to select the "IMG Code".

Depending on which version of windows your are using, you can just left click the code and a "copied" message will appear for a second to confirm, or highlight the code and "Right Click, Copy" using the mouse.


Now you have the IMG Code copied you are know ready to create you first message on the forum with an embedded image.

Start a new, topic in the CORRECT Section, or reply to an on going topic.

In the text field "Right Click Paste" the IMG Code. add any further text you wish and click "Post"

Congratulations you have successfully uploaded your first image of many to the forum.  /bravo2/

I hope this helps, If you have any question please feel free to ask.


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