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Author Topic: local hunting permission sharing  (Read 1160 times)

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local hunting permission sharing
« on: April 05, 2014, 03:23:49 PM »

local hunting permission swap would be a great idea... a bit like carpool in the USA


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Re: local hunting permission sharing
« Reply #1 on: April 05, 2014, 03:42:37 PM »

Very bad idea!
I wouldn't be prepared to allow anyone on land I was responsible for without knowing them very well and also with the landowners permission. No matter how well you think you know somebody would you really be prepared to lose your shooting rights if there was an accident or an incident that the local police were involved in? It could cause a lot of trouble!
I would only invite people I know personally and they would only be allowed on if I had the landowners permission for this and I would make damn sure they were never shooting when I wasn't around. I know my mates aren't idiots but it's not always the shooters fault if there is an incident and it can still lose shooting rights.
It can be hard enough to control who does access the land when you aren't shooting, there's only so many times a landowner will take "But it wasn't me!" when something that isn't allowed to be shot has pellet holes in it, if you have the rights to shoot it is usually your duty to keep other shooters (armed trespassers or poachers) off the land. Too many people get to know you "share" the rights and they tend to think it's "common land that anyone can shoot on". I've heard it too many times off local kids (and adults) that they take guns down certain fields because nobody bothers. As we all know that's illegal, don't let it happen on your shoot.
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Re: local hunting permission sharing
« Reply #2 on: May 01, 2014, 11:57:06 AM »

No way. Shooting rights on others land are earned or paid for.
And yes I have chased oiks off of my own land.
Get thee to a club, build a reputation ( that can take years ) and then the invites will come.
The "shooters" who trespass have messed it up for the rest of a pretty decent crowd.
Too many potshots, too many injures swans and Lord knows what else.

Now I do not want to see a Scottish approach, it could be an all ticket affair soon. I personally feel insulted that many of us with years of experience are treated like juveniles.
You see it is irresponsible people that have lead to this. We live in an anti gun culture. We have the strictest controls in the world.
So every time you shoot, you are being judged.

I think, a lot. What I see sometimes appalls me. And that has lead to me having very strong views.
This is a general observation, take it as you will.
The fun has been taken out of shooting. It is time to rebuild an image of trust with none shooters.
HFT and general clubs are doing a lot of good for our sport.
Folk like Si Pittaway and many others, are great ambassadors. Responsible and professional.

Now yes I am lucky. My own land and permissions on others. Earned.
I read a review on a Korean rifle called a Rainstorm last week. If I saw someone with that outside of a club setting, well I would dial up old bill. Thats what the public see.
If one death results from a militarised air weapon, then SHTF for everyone, and Scotlands proposals will seem tame. Killjoy?
No I don't think so, just practical with a big splash of safety. Image goes a long way in this sport.
I really thing permissions are earned through your actions and reputation.
So, back to the original subject. Big no to sharing from me, unless I have known you a long time, and preferably you have proved you can shoot safely.
Another bias, I like ex military folk. They know the rules.
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